Research & Development

Cranfield University, UK
Improving Aspects of the Manufacturing Process for Large Area Thin-walled Components for Jet Engines
• Chris Jones, EngD student
• Pr Mark Jolly
• Pr Anders Jarfors, Jönköpings Högskola
Mälardalens Universitet - Indtech
• Antonia Antoniadou, Ph D student
• Pr. Konstantinos Kyprianidis
GKN Aerospace, Rise
• Multiple finished and ongoing projects to improve properties of castings in relation to downstream operations
[On account of intellectual property rights, TPC is unable to showcase development project components]
Patrik Vrethed

Wendy Fredriksson, Ph D
Quality Manager

Abel Tadesse, Ph D
Lead Designer

Pr. Mark Jolly

Dimitrios Siafakas, Ph D

Chris Jones
Eng D student

Pr. Anders Jarfors

Pr. Konstantinos Kyprianidos

Antonia Antoniadou
Ph D student

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