Recycling improves the environment

At TPC we do our part in reducing the impact of industry on the environment. Almost everything used in our processes can be recycled. Wax and metal circulate continuously in production of components. Our material suppliers use scrap-metal to produce new alloy for us. We have eliminated solvents from our process and work continuously to lower energy consumption by using excess heat from the foundry to heat the facility.

Environment policy

The whole operation at TPC Components AB shall work actively to fullfill the demands and expectations of customers, authorities and other stakeholders.
TPC´s vision is to be a leading supplier of waxcasted components through driving our operation according to the highest priniciples for quality, integrity, performance and sustainability.
TPC´s mission is to evolve, cast and manufacture sustainable World Class Investment Casting components and to offer the best possible service for our customers.

Work environment policy

The working environment at TPC’s facilities must continue to be a good one, which for us means a safe and secure working place where everyone feel good and get on with each other.
We work systematically and strategically to forestall unhealth and accidents among coworkers, entrepreneurs and visitors.
It is every employee’s responsibility to prioritize security and follow the laws, regulations, instructions and internal rules of TPC.
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